We love helping our clients shine and these are some of our favourite success stories:

Lenovo Storage Solution

The Lenovo brand is well known for its PC business, but within the data centre segment the brand is virtually unknown in Denmark.

The Challenge: Not only this, but the company had virtually no traffic on their various web sites from their all-important key accounts, no engagement from marketing automation activities, and virtually no GDPR-compliant contacts from these accounts in their marketing automation platform.

The Solution: A strategic initiative aimed at 38 named accounts. With ABA (Account-Based Advertising) it’s possible to serve ads to key decision makers working for these key accounts. This campaign was executed together with our partner in the Nordics Blue Business

The Results: After 12 weeks of account-based advertising the results were very conclusive: seven accounts are now in the Sales-Ready quadrant and Lenovo reports that two major opportunities are now locked in the pipeline as a result of the campaign.

“ABM will certainly be part of our future strategy”

– Poul Bastrup,
Head of Marketing, Nordics.

TIA Technology

TIA Technology develops and markets the core technology that insurance companies around the world use for managing their policies and claims.

The Challenge: TIA wanted to investigate whether ABM would be the right strategy for the company and discover how many leads a 3-month ABM pilot could generate.

The Solution:

TIA chose 78 target accounts in CEE and Sweden. This campaign was executed together with our partner in the Nordics Blue Business

The Results:

A specific number of leads was agreed with management of TIA and we are proud to report that the ABM campaign generated more than twice as many leads + a number of other opportunities. As a result, the campaign has been extended.


Commvault’s data protection and information management solutions provide mid- and enterprise-level organizations worldwide with a significantly better way to get value from their data.

The Challenge: The company wanted to increase awareness and engagement across a number of accounts in the Swedish market.

The Solution: A 3-month micro-targeting (Account Based Advertising) campaign aimed at senior decision makers and influencers was launched. This campaign was executed together with our partner in the Nordics Blue Business

Results: The campaign delivered more than 500,000 impressions and engaged 80% of the target accounts. 6 accounts ended in the Sales Ready quadrant representing a major commercial opportunity.

Mobile Iron Mobile Security

MobileIron is a software company specializing in solutions for mobile device management and enterprise mobility management.

The Challenge:  MobileIron is a leader in mobile app security and wants to expand on their existing digital marketing programs with an Account Based approach to Social Media marketing.  

The Solution:  Using an ‘Awareness – Consideration – Decision’ content strategy to facilitate the customer journey from an unaware prospect to a lead, we managed to increase the target prospect’s engagement with MobileIron’s content, while keeping costs below the industry and regional averages. This campaign was executed together with our partner in the Nordics Blue Business

The Results: After  6 months of account-based advertising on social platforms the results were very conclusive: time on site for the new visitors was 3 times higher than any other digital channel and awareness within the new prospects was at record highs.


Actavis is a global pharmaceutical company with presence accross 100 countries.

The Challenge:  The European launch of a lung cancer treatment required the development and orchestration of a number of digital activities.

The Solution: Actavis’ campaign covered both internal audiences such as sales executives and external HCP’s.  Elemens included a product website and an animation hightlighting the difference between Actavis’ and competinng products. This campaign was executed together with our partner in the Nordics Blue Business

Results: The product launch was extremely successful with commercial targets being exceeded.

Continental Tyres

Continental  is a leading German automotive manufacturing company specialising in tyres and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

The Challenge: The company was running a local event to promote some of the earthmover on a number of resellers and partners. Engaging with all audiences digitally during the event was identified as a key amplificator of Conti’s value proposition.

The Solution:  Though geographic and mobile ad targeting we targeted teh exhibition hall and the top hotels used by resellers and partners. The digital targeting solution included:

  • Ad Copywriting
  • Social Ad Creative
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Results: With nearlly 50,000 impressions delivered and 180 unique visitors to the digital gated content, the campaign exceeded all expectations, representing a major commercial opportunity.