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NOW FREE – Identify & Target Companies Online with Accounttracker

  • Digital Engagement is key to growth but many B2B companies can’t see clearly who is already coming to their website. The digital revolution is making B2B customers much tougher targets. With Accounttracker you can see for free which of your key accounts come to your website.

  • The figures are clear. Accenture found that 61% of all B2B transactions now originate online. The research also showed that most customers are already more than halfway through their buying process before their initial contact to a company and 90% never respond to cold calling.
  • If you want to turn website visitors into leads, you first need to know at which companies your visitors are working at.  Accounttracker is a free tracking platform is based on detailed knowledge about the top 65,000 global companies with over 500 employees and how they relate to each other. They have developed leading technology to identify which key accounts are coming to any given website and are providing the service free of charge.

Account Tracker


Why should you consider Accounttracker?

  • The only reverse IP platform aimed at profiling enterprise visits
  • Most platforms are aimed at companies with transactional sales. In this context, it is all about knowing the names on as many companies as possible. Accounttracker is not about volumes but about accurate. Knowing that you have a visitor from Siemens will not get you very far unless you know the country/branch /subsidiary.
  • Free service whereas all competing platforms need of a monthly subscription and a 12month commitment to run.
  • Fully GDPR compliant as only tracks and records company based information, not personal data.
  • Weekly report: Receive a weekly report in your inbox telling you which companies are visiting your website.
  • Detailed information: Log in to the platform anytime to see details about all your visitors.
  • More details, go to Accountinsight
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