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The four fights you have to win with your digital strategy

Digital Strategy
Leaders in many organizations lack clarity on what “digital” means for strategy and underestimate the degree to which digital is disrupting the economic underpinnings of their businesses. Why is that?
The only way for companies to achieve a full digital transformation is by taking bold steps & win in four fronts. This requires not only a clear 200/20 vision but also strong leadership:
  1. Old habits die hard so you must use experiential techniques such as “go-and-sees” and break leaders out of old ways of thinking and into today’s digital realities.
  2. Manage fear on the unknown through top-team effectiveness programs that spur senior executives to action. You need to have the buy-in from the teams that will execute the programs.
  3. Build your case through pilots and structured analysis of results.
  4. Focus-focus-focus. You must fight the diffusion of effort.


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